Saturday, May 2, 2009

It is time to introduce myself

To the world of minor league basketball, and hopefully soon to be fans of the GPBL, I would like to introduce myself and the league.

First off, my name is Chris Munson and I am the Director of Basketball Operations for the GPBL. As you can see in the previous press release, I am the former Sports Director for ESPN Radio Vermont and have been a freelance writer for quite some time. I am now making the jaunt into the world of basketball administration.

I have a few goals, goals I know we can achieve as a league. Through my time with ESPN Radio and writing about minor league basketball, I know there have been some challenges. There have been the challenges of missed games, teams that fold in mid-season and even the arrests of league and team personnel. These are things that simply will not be tolerated in the GPBL. It will be a point of emphasis that teams leave in enough time to make a game. Our ownership groups will be stable and thoroughly vetted. We will strive to bring fan friendly and affordable entertainment to the cities and towns in which we have franchises.

We know that in these economic times entertainment takes a back seat. We are hoping that with the cost to attend a game and the entertainment that we provide will make it worth taking your family to a GPBL game. Our players will be professional, our staff will be well trained and well versed in this magic word we all seem to forget about while in a recession. The word "fun" is that word. You will have fun; you will smile and you will see some of the best basketball the minors have to offer.

Our players are guys who want to make it to the next level. They want to win, they want to play hard and they want to show those who have said they can't succeed that they are wrong.

I will be blogging more as the season approaches but wanted to throw out my goals and aspirations for the league. The staff of the GPBL all love basketball and we love the minor leagues. When we announce our roster of teams, we hope you will travel to a game and see just how strong we are.

Questions and comments are more than welcomed. Please e-mail me at

Until next time,


Chris Munson
Global Professional Basketball League
Director of Basketball Operations

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